Transfer Student Informatiomn

Transfer Cheat Sheet

For a Politics major, you need 40 POL-UA credits.

You will need TWO of the four intro/core courses:
•    POL-UA 100 (Political Theory)
•    POL-UA 300 (Power and Politics in America)
•    POL-UA 500 (Comparative Politics)
•    POL-UA 700 (International Politics).

Transfer students register late in their first semester. If the course you want is open, great. If not, take whichever Politics courses (POL-UA) you are able to get into and you will have better placement next semester and easily be able to take  the cores you need. You will have a much better chance of getting into the courses you want next semester, as you will register with your class.

Some courses are not cores but also have no pre-reqs. These are the type of courses you should register for this semester. Some examples are:
•    Law and Society (POL-UA 335)
•    Games, Strategy and Politics (POL-UA 844)
•    Democracy, Dictatorship and Globalization (POL-UA 994)

Transferring Credits:
Your Politics courses from your previous school will most likely transfer as GENERAL Politics credit here at NYU. However, the two core/intro courses need to be taken here at NYU, regardless of what you took at your previous school. We can transfer up to half your major (up to 20 credits). You will need to take AT LEAST 5 Politics courses here for a major. Come by with your unofficial transcript any time during the semester and we can review it and I will make sure your Politics/IR courses are counting properly toward your major in Albert. We will accept courses from Politics and International Relations departments only.

Sometimes you will need a pre-req for an upper level course that you don’t have here at NYU but you have something comparable from your old school. In this case, you can email the professor directly and see if they will waive the pre-req for you and allow you to take their course. If they are fine with it, forward their permission to me with your N# and if the course is still open, we will register you.

I am your advisor for your Politics major/minor. You also will have a CAS advisor for your general education requirements (9th floor of Silver).  For any questions or comments regarding your major, please feel free to come by, call or email any time. We will meet throughout the semester to get your credits properly transferred (sometimes this takes a while as well as pick your courses and plan your future schedules.
212 992 8694

Welcome to NYU! We are happy to have you.