Eric Dickson

Associate Professor of Politics and Psychology
B.S. 1996, Caltech; M.A. 1997, Princeton; A.M. 1999, Ph.D. 2003, Harvard.

Email:  eric.dickson [at] nyu.edu
Phone:  (212) 992-8697
Office Address:  NYU Department of Politics, 19 W. 4th Street, New York, NY 10012
Office Room Number:  306

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Areas of Research/Interest: Political Methodology; Political Economy

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Select Publications:


· Learning from Debate: Institutions and Information.  (with Catherine Hafer and Dimitri Landa)  

    Political Science Research and Methods (forthcoming, published online in 2015)

· Institutional Sources of Legitimate Authority.  (with Sanford Gordon and Gregory Huber)  

    American Journal of Political Science 59(1):109-127 (2015)

· Political Value.  (with John Jost, Elvira Basevich, and Sharareh Noorbaloochi)

    Handbook of Value, Oxford University Press (2015, forthcoming)

· Economics vs Psychology Experiments

    Handbook of Experimental Political Science, Cambridge University Press (2011)

· "We Don't Talk to Terrorists": On the Rhetoric and Practice of Secret Negotiations.  (with Julie Browne)

    Journal of Conflict Resolution 54(3):379-407 (2010)

· Social Identity, Electoral Institutions, and the Number of Candidates.  (with Kenneth Scheve) 

    British Journal of Political Science 40(2):349-375 (2010)

· Enforcement and Compliance in an Uncertain World: An Experimental Investigation.  (with Sanford Gordon and Gregory Huber)

    Journal of Politics 71(4):1357-1378 (2009)

· Do Participants and Observers Assess Intentions Differently During Bargaining and Conflict?  An Experiment

    American Journal of Political Science 53(4):910-930 (2009)

· Expected Utility Violations Evolve Under Status-Based Selection Mechanisms.

    Journal of Theoretical Biology 254(3):650-654 (2008)

· Cognition and Strategy: A Deliberation Experiment.  (with Catherine Hafer and Dimitri Landa

    Journal of Politics 70(4):974-989 (2008)

· The Propaganda of the Deed: Terrorism, Counterterrorism, and Mobilization.  (with Ethan Bueno de Mesquita

    American Journal of Political Science 51(2):364-381 (2007)

· Rational Choice Epistemology and Belief Formation in Mass Politics. 

    Journal of Theoretical Politics 18(4):455-498 (2006)

· Social Identity, Political Speech, and Electoral Competition.  (with Kenneth Scheve

    Journal of Theoretical Politics 18(1):5-39 (2006)

· Working and Shirking: Equilibrium in Public Goods Games with Overlapping Generations of Players.  (with Kenneth Shepsle

    Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization 17:285-318 (2001)

· Dynamical Tide in Solar-Type Binaries.  (with Jeremy Goodman) 

    Astrophysical Journal 507:938 (1998)

· The Discovery of Five Quasars at z>4 Using the Second Palomar Sky Survey (with J.D. Kennefick et al) 

    Astronomical Journal 110:78 (1995)

Working Papers & Submissions:

· On the (In)Effectiveness of Collective Punishment: An Experimental Investigation.

    currently R&R at Journal of Peace Research

· Rules of Debate: Theory and Experiment.  (with Catherine Hafer and Dimitri Landa)  under review

· Legitimacy and Enforcement: An Experimental Investigation (with Sanford Gordon and Gregory Huber)  coming soon

· Struggles Over Symbols: Political Strategies for Expression and Repression.  coming soon

· 'Soft Power' and Perceptions of Hard Power: Counterterrorism Under Uncertainty.  coming soon


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