Professor Dickson's Teaching

·         G53.1110: Mathematics for Political Scientists Covers basic topics of mathematics- calculus, analytic geometry, matrix algebra, etc.-with wide application in political science. (Fall 2004)

·         V53.0840: Game Theory for Political Scientists This course introduces the basic concepts of elementary game theory in a way that allows you to use them in solving simple problems. And second, it gives a flavor of how game theory can be used in the study of political science by presenting a wide array of example applications. In addition, throughout the course we will discuss evidence from experiments and from other sources that bears on when we should expect game theory to be most useful in applied studies, an when we might reasonably have doubts about the types of predictions that it makes about human behavior. (Fall 2004)

·         G53.3200.002: Experimental Methods in Political ScienceThis course is designed to provide an introduction to experimental methods in political science for graduate students. The emphasis of the course will be on several different styles of laboratory experiments, but field experiments (and briefly, survey experiments) will also be discussed. (Fall 2003)