Catherine Hafer

Associate Professor of Politics
Ph.D. 2001, University of Rochester; B.S., California Institute of Technology.

Email:  catherine.hafer [at] nyu.edu
Phone:  (212) 992-9679
Office Address:  NYU Department of Politics, 19 W. 4th Street, New York, NY 10012
Office Room Number:  312

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Areas of Research/Interest: property rights, conflict, deliberation, lobbying

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Select Publications:

"Flexing Muscle: Corporate Political Expenditures as Signals to the Bureaucracy" (with Sanford Gordon)
American Political Science Review 99 (2), 2005.

"On the Origins of Property Rights: Conflict and Production in the State of Nature"
Review of Economic Studies, 73 (1), 2006.

"Deliberation as Self-Discovery and Institutions for Political Speech" (with Dimitri Landa)
Journal of Theoretical Politics, 19 (3), 2007.

"Corporate Influence and the Regulatory Mandate" (with Sanford Gordon)
Journal of Politics 69 (2), 2007.

"Public Goods in Federal Systems" (with Dimitri Landa)
Quarterly Journal of Political Science, 2(3), 2007.

"Consumption or Investment: On Motivations for Political Giving" (with Sanford Gordon and Dimitri Landa)
Journal of Politics, 69 (4), 2007.

"Public Protection and Private Extortion" (with Ethan Bueno de Mesquita)
Economics and Politics 20 (1), 2008.

"Cognition and Strategy: A Deliberation Experiment" (with Eric Dickson and Dimitri Landa)
Supplemental Appendix.
Journal of Politics, 70 (4), 2008.

"Deliberation and Social Polarization" (with Dimitri Landa).  Currently R&R

"Majoritarian Debate" (with Dimitri Landa) COMING SOON

"Contests over Political Authority"

"War of Attrition with Communication" COMING SOON

“A Theory of Corporate Lobbying Coalitions” (with Sanford Gordon) COMING SOON


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